Pre Wedding Photographer

Whatever you call it, engagement or pre-wedding session, I love to take pictures of lovely couples in Italy before they get married. Florence is one of the most fascinating and romantic villages and, for this reason, your pre wedding in Italy couldn’t be more exciting. By guided by an expert photographer through the most attractive spots for engagement photography in Florence! Take advice on where find the best light and the best places for your portraits in Florence & Tuscany!

Florence is not enough? You should consider Venice for your prenuptial photo shoot. Take a look at my posts about pre-wedding Venice through the canals of the lagoon. Venice is the city of lovers! Why not celebrate the upcoming wedding with a photo shoot between the main monuments of the town? So, book the first flight with your loved one and let me take your images in the most charming areas in Italy!


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Italy is the home of beautiful things. Hundreds of loving couples visit

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