Weddings at Castel Monastero
Weddings at Castel Monastero
Weddings at Castel Monastero


Wedding at Castel Monastero

Castel Monastero is a romantic 11th-century castle placed between Siena and Arezzo, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. When you see the castle for the first time, the medieval architecture and the delightful little square take you back in time, to those years when valiant knights and elegant ladies loved each other in secret or married with large parties throughout the castle.

Castel Monastero is the perfect place for a wedding in Tuscany and suggestive engagement sessions, thanks to fairytale towers, alleys and tiny doors, as well as the magnificent Tuscan sceneries. There’s an adorable old church also, where you can get married with intimate religious ceremonies. There you will exchange vows and rings away from prying eyes, a stone’s throw from the reception area.

The castle is luxurious, with country-chic rooms and walls, old wooden ceilings and views of the hills. Castel Monastero offers all the comforts and convenience of a modern five-star hotel, three swimming pools on different levels, spa, biking, tennis court, and the chance of horseback riding. It’s definitely the kingdom of knights and ladies of today!

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