Wedding in Italy 101. What you must know!

Italy is the first choice for destination weddings worldwide. Planning a wedding in Italy might look complicated because of the language, but it’s quite simple instead. Most people speak English nowadays, and the market is competitive, so it’s easy to find great vendors that might help you in planning the perfect day.

So, what the hell might go wrong?!?!

Keep in mind that you’re marrying abroad and, even if you had visited Italy tons of times, there are points that you might take for granted in your home country, but they’re not so obvious here. Please see the most common problems, from a wedding photographer’s perspective, below.

The Heat

What can be more impressive than a celebration under the Tuscan sun overlooking the hills? Many couples schedule the ceremony in the early afternoon so that they have more time to spend with families and friends later.

This is a huge mistake.

The heat is a problem. Believe me; you cannot even imagine how hot the summer might be here. Brides and grooms with sunburns, make-ups ruined by the sweat and photos in harsh light are just some of the most common problems. In July and August, ceremonies earlier than 5 pm should be forbidden. In June and September before 4 pm. Still wanting to do it? Find a spot in the shade, at least. Your guests will thank you!

Isola del garda on the lake Garda is one of the best venue to get married on the lake

Smartphones & Uncle Bob

You put a lot of love in planning your ceremony perfectly, and you wish all the guests might share those extraordinary moments. When looking back at your ceremony photos, I guess the last thing you want to see is a wall of smartphones and iPads sticking out from the crowd. After ten years of wedding photography, I can say that I have seen everything, from an iPad to relatives standing in the corridor and getting in the way for the first kiss.

champagne toast with bridesmaids champagne toast with bridesmaids

While Uncle Bob may want to capture that moment, you’ve hired someone so you, Uncle Bob and anyone else can remember it forever. When guests document their day with their own equipment, they prevent professionals from doing their jobs. No exceptions. Ask him to drop the camera for the ceremony at least. You can blame m if needed!

Also, charge your celebrant to ask your guest to quit phones and to be fully present. Especially during the walking down the aisle and the recessional. Your wedding photos will surely benefit!

Don’t forget these!

A detailed wedding schedule is the best you can do to help your photographers. Before the ceremony, don’t forget to schedule the following:

  • a few group shots of the bridesmaids before getting the dress on (10 minutes)
  • a toast with the bridesmaids – get some champagne!! (10 minutes)
  • a few bridal portraits (10 minutes)
  • the first look (10 minutes)

first look with a view in Florence first look with a view in Florence

You don’t have to schedule all of them if not interested, but please consider these timings in your wedding schedule to avoid delays in the case.

Bridesmaids…. Undressed!

The moments before the ceremony are among the most beautiful memories of the wedding, and I love to document them properly. It’s not nice to see bridesmaids with a robe on while you’re stepping into your wedding dress.

Tell the bridesmaids to make up and dress in time. In addition to having better photos, you will avoid unpleasant delays as well.

Sunset Photos

Light is the essence of photography. In Italy, the best light is at sunset. Schedule 15/20 minutes of portraits at that time and you’ll get outstanding images. Sometimes this looks impossible due to the speeches, but find a spot for them. You won’t regret it!

wedding photo in tuscany

Family Photos List

Arranging family photos might take time. Prepare a photo list in advance and charge the maid of honour – or the best man – to call and gather the people. Faster family photos means more time for friends and families during the cocktail hour.

Your Tips!

If you follow these tips above, I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable wedding in Italy. Please let me know if you have any other tip I should consider, and I’ll be happy to add it to this list.

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