Symbolic Weddings

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the courtyard of a fairytale castle or the garden of a charming villa in Tuscany. Just you and your partner, exchanging vows and rings, among breathtaking sceneries with your loved ones nearby. What could be more romantic? That’s why more and more lovebirds choose a symbolic ceremony for their wedding in Italy.

Symbolic rites can be celebrated almost anywhere, so why not choose one of the many beautiful locations of Italy and organize your wedding there? You can say Yes outdoors, in the garden of magnificent villas or on a small pier in the Cinque Terre. You can also customize the symbolic ceremonies in detail, such as the length, the celebrant, the music, the setting and exact spot. Friends and families can actively contribute to the rite, reading letters, poems or personal messages to the bride and groom. Your celebrant might recommend the sand rite, as well as sealing a box with wine to open for the tenth wedding anniversary later on. The customizations are endless, and you can make the rite really yours. Moreover, you can organize everything in the same venue, both the ceremony and the reception. You can walk on your heels down the aisle and then enjoy the cocktail hour arm in arm with your husband and so live the Big Day in harmony with the people you love.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, symbolic weddings mean natural and candid pictures in a good light. Forget the ugly, cold town halls and dark churches. Take the best from your wedding venue and convert it all into fabulous wedding photographs. Because after all, there is no better scenery than Italy where you can be portrayed with your husband and families.

Chianti 13 May 2021

Swedish Wedding at Villa Vignamaggio

Among the many beautiful venues to have a wedding in Tuscany, Vignamaggio is one of the most enchanting places. Vignamaggio stands on a hill surrounded by olive trees and vineyards in the heart of Chi...

Destination Weddings 6 May 2021

French Wedding at Borgo Stomennano in Tuscany

Since the first destination weddings in Tuscany, Borgo Stomennano has been one of the most popular venues, perfect for large villa weddings and intimate ceremonies with few family members. This is tha...

Chianti 2 June 2020

Lux Elopement at San Galgano Abbey

Lux Elopement at San Galgano Abbey Among the most popular Italian places for elopements, Tuscany is definitely the most romantic. Leaving your home country with the love of your life only to exchan...

Chianti 12 March 2020

Swedish Wedding at Villa La Madonna

Although Swedes and Italians can both be considered European, if you look closely, you will find them very different. Europe, unlike the US, has historically always been fragmented. The paths of Itali...

Chianti 9 March 2020

Cloudy Spring Elopement at Borgo Pignano

If you are considering an elopement in Italy, know that spring is one of the most beautiful moments of the year. Autumn colors give room to brilliant green, daisies, and lilac flowers begin to repopul...

Castle Weddings 5 March 2020

International Meleto Castle Wedding in Tuscany

In a world that runs fast towards modernity, a castle wedding is one of the cornerstones of the popular imagination. Any little girl has dreamed at least once to wear a white dress and marry her Princ...

Civil Weddings 26 March 2019

Alfresco Tuscan Wedding

Working as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, beautiful surprises are a daily occurrence. Especially with the venues: from Carrara to Siena and the Val d'Orcia, there are hundreds of beautiful places ...

Destination Weddings 22 March 2019

Classy Wedding at Villa Cora

When it comes to weddings,

Chianti 21 March 2019

Romantic British Wedding at Borgo Petrognano

If you are planning a celebration in Tuscany, a wedding at Borgo Petrognano is the best thing you can do! Borgo Petrognano is one of the most beautiful venues of Tuscany. It's located in Barberino Val...

Beach Wedding in Italy 20 March 2019

Beachfront Wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure

Italy boasts many destinations for sensational celebrations, but a wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure is the greatest combination of a seaside setting and a vintage Italian village. Santa Margherita L...

Civil Weddings 12 March 2019

Garden Villa Grabau Wedding

Among the many beautiful Tuscan venues, a Garden Villa Grabau Wedding is a daydream. Moreover, if you are Italian and have been living abroad for many years, you must be super excited to come back and...


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