Is there anything more appealing than exchanging the long-awaited Yes surrounded by greenery and nature? Thank God, that’s not just a dream! Nowadays you can celebrate your wedding in the gardens of the most beautiful villas of Tuscany.

Many Italian municipalities make the grounds of historical villas available for civil rites in the Tuscan countryside. Old private homes are allowed today to arrange symbolic weddings as well – an excellent opportunity for lovebirds dreaming nature all around and wide-open spaces. But also for your photographer who will give you images worthy of a real fairytale with the golden light of Tuscany in the background. Enquire the officers of your municipality. They will inform you about the best villas with gardens where to celebrate your wedding ceremonial.

Intimate Destination 30-Year Vow Renewal in a Tuscany Villa

Intimate Destination 30-Year Vow Renewal in a Tuscany Villa In the heart of Tuscany, where vineyards stretch endlessly, and rolling hills paint a picturesque landscape, love found its way back to V...

Swedish Wedding at Villa Vignamaggio

Among the many beautiful venues to have a wedding in Tuscany, Vignamaggio is one of the most enchanting places. Vignamaggio stands on a hill surrounded by olive trees and vineyards in the heart of Chi...

French Wedding at Borgo Stomennano in Tuscany

Since the first destination weddings in Tuscany, Borgo Stomennano has been one of the most popular venues, perfect for large villa weddings and intimate ceremonies with few family members. This is tha...

Swedish Wedding at Villa La Madonna

Although Swedes and Italians can both be considered European, if you look closely, you will find them very different. Europe, unlike the US, has historically always been fragmented. The paths of Itali...

International Meleto Castle Wedding in Tuscany

In a world that runs fast towards modernity, a castle wedding is one of the cornerstones of the popular imagination. Any little girl has dreamed at least once to wear a white dress and marry her Princ...

Classy Wedding at Villa Cora

When it comes to weddings,

Romantic British Wedding at Borgo Petrognano

If you are planning a celebration in Tuscany, a wedding at Borgo Petrognano is the best thing you can do! Borgo Petrognano is one of the most beautiful venues of Tuscany. It's located in Barberino Val...

Beachfront Wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure

Italy boasts many destinations for sensational celebrations, but a wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure is the greatest combination of a seaside setting and a vintage Italian village. Santa Margherita L...

Garden Villa Grabau Wedding

Among the many beautiful Tuscan venues, a Garden Villa Grabau Wedding is a daydream. Moreover, if you are Italian and have been living abroad for many years, you must be super excited to come back and...

Florence wedding at Villa di Maiano

As a wedding in Florence is exciting, and I'm looking forward to shooting there again and sharing more beautiful photos like the ones below.


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