Spring Wedding Proposal in the property of a Tuscan Castle

That Instagram post all your family and friends have been waiting for. Imagine waking up in a castle in Tuscany with an engagement ring on your finger. Nothing could be more romantic, with the perfect husband-to-be would arranging a legendary engagement proposal! As this American young man did for his pretty fiancée.

Please enjoy below the photos of E&E’s wedding proposal, which took place on a warm late winter day by the castle of Abbadia Sicille in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany. The winter scenery is somehow melancholy, as leaves have not bloomed on the trees yet. However, the love in the air made everything prettier and prettier. In arranging the proposal, the groom-to-be asked his fiancée to wear her best dress for a photo shoot. After that, he waited for her at the spot we had previously planned together, overlooking the surrounding fields. Here, he made his speech, and she wore the ring. Such a romantic moment! We photographers almost broke down in tears.

The rest of the photo shoot took place on the property of Abbadia Sicille. It’s an old village with a castle and a lovely romantic church at its heart, surrounded by the legendary landscape of Val d’Orcia. A unique location for memorable photos! The castle served as the backdrop for this beautiful, loving couple. So, between one kiss and another, we photographers directed them in an engagement portrait shoot. The winter sun gave them a warm aura, and we could not be happier with the result.

Given the photographs, any excuse is good for a wedding proposal in Tuscany. It’s a shame that one only has to do it once in a lifetime!