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In my career as a Portovonere Wedding Photographer, I've seen tons of beautiful places, but none of them are as romantic and special as Portovenere, in Liguria. Have you ever imagined to get married in a tiny little church, perched on a rock, with the waves crashing on the cliffs as the background? Well, you can stop dreaming and seriously start planning a wedding in Portovenere.

This lovely little village provides everything you need to plan a fairytale event in Liguria that will leave your families and friends speechless.

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Many believe that Portovenere is one of the Cinque Terre. Even if it is not, Portovenere is one of the most beautiful old fishing village of the Italian Riviera, with the typical colorful houses and the harbor overlooking the turquoise water. In addition to the beautiful Church of San Pietro, perched on a rock on the ocean, there are tons of good reasons to organize a Portovenere wedding. Word of an autenthic Portovenere Wedding Photographer.

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Walking through the village’s streets is like rewinding the time to an old era, made of ancient traditions, away from modern technology, in an authentic and charming setting. Unpaved roads, the perfume of Pesto and Focaccia all around, Byron’s impressive caves, just to mention a few. Are you already daydreaming? Here’s what you must know for arranging your wedding in Portovenere.

the altar of San Pietro church during a wedding ceremony


Because of its beauty, the Church of San Pietro is in great demand by brides and grooms from all over the world, especially on weekends, and you must book it well in advance. Securing it is the first fundamental step to organize any wedding in Portovenere!


Italian bureaucracy is crazy, and I always recommend hiring a local wedding planner who knows how to navigate Italian offices and laws. If you want to do it yourself, you better ask your priest for the required documents (which are usually valid for six months) and hopefully get some help. Foreign citizens living abroad must go to the registry office of the municipality of Portovenere at least two days before the ceremony.

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For what concerns the wedding day, it is good to know that the Church is as beautiful as crowded. Hundreds of tourists visit it every day, and there’s a good chance they could peep into the Church during your celebration. Sobriety is required. Only confetti and rice are allowed to toss at the end.


The bride may reach the Church by car, subject to authorization by the police. Guests must leave their vehicles in the parking lots outside Portovenere and continue with the shuttles and on foot. Given the uneven pavement, ladies may be in trouble with their heels on.


Castello Doria

Saying the faithful Yes on the top of an authentic castle and with the sea breeze in your hair is the most romantic fairytale! In Portovenere, you can. The Doria castle is a fortress located on a rocky hill overlooking the village. It’s considered one of the most majestic military architectures of Liguria. As a Portovenere wedding photographer, I can definitely say that the castle is the best spot for terrific photos with a view.

Both ceremonies and receptions can be arranged at the castle. Please know that the only way to get there is on foot; it’s a bit tiring but worth it. Again, I recommend to hire wedding planners who have already worked at the castle and know who to contact for the necessary reservations.

If your wedding is an intimate affair, with a few guests, the best choice is to arrange an aperitivo after the ceremony in one of the marina’s fabulous outdoor cafes. You can have stunning portraits taken in the most fabulous light of the day without worrying about your guests. I guess they will be more than to happy toast each others and have a great time in the meanwhile so that you can get reunited for dinner later on.


One of the chicest places in Portovenere for a small, classy reception is Le Bocche, right below the Church of San Pietro. A gourmet seafood dinner while watching the moon rise from the sea will leave everyone speechless.


If it’s just the two of you, book a table at the Locanda Lorena on the nearby island of Palmaria, they will come and pick you up with a Riva yacht! It is so intimate and pretty that it is called “The Pearl of the Gulf”.


The best choice for larger reception is the Grand Hotel Portovenere, where newlyweds and guests can stay overnight after the celebrations.


Alternatively, you can consider a cruise to Lerici and arrange a fabulous dinner at the castle or one of the nicest hotels with sea views. A boat transfer is a fancy way to make your guests enjoy the time before dinner while you’re having a fantastic photoshoot. Your guests can watch the ocean and the beauty of the gulf from an unusual perspective.

Another excellent reason to organize the reception in Lerici is the possibility to stay there. The bride and groom will be able to get ready in a suite peacefully and reach Portovenere by boat. Also, your guests can stay overnight at the hotel after the celebration.

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Portovenere is one the best Italian destination for elopements.

An intimate, magical place where sea, sun, and love come together. Stroll hand in hand through the cobblestone streets, eating great food and drinking Cinque Terre flavored wines. Lose yourself among the castles and in long boat rides along the coast. Getting married here means soaking in the typical Italian vibe, with people clapping and cheering you on in the streets as you leave the Church.

.You’ll want to have memories of every moment, every stone, every ray of sun hitting the waves, and your photographer will be there for that.

You’ll get unforgettable photos as soon as you arrive at the Church of the two of you huddling in the Romanesque loggia, with a golden sunset behind you. What do you think?

It is no coincidence that the poet Byron lived here.

Getting married here means living your dream with a sea view – the two of you and the ocean only

Whether you get married in Portovenere or not, starting your honeymoon here is the most romantic thing you can do. Just imagine waking up in the morning of your first day as husband and wife in a lovely hotel room. To look out the window and see the endless ocean and the beauty of the gulf, to have breakfast on the balcony with a cappuccino and the sun kissing you. Isn't that a fantastic beginning? In a few minutes by boat, you can reach the Cinque Terre for a relaxing swim, a day trip, or an aperitif with a sea view.

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honeymoon in Portovenere

The next day you arrive in chic Portofino and breathe in the Dolce Vita of the 60s. That typical Italian style of the past made of luxury, Vespa rides, and movie stars!

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Want something more intimate and cozy? Portovenere is also a short distance from the most beautiful places in Tuscany. The rolling hills of Chianti, Florence, the endless fields of Val d'Orcia. Check out the most beautiful resorts with views and continue your dream honeymoon in Italy. Have your photos taken in these unique settings, you won't regret it, and you'll have magical memories that will last forever!

This is what I think you need to know arrange the perfect wedding in Portovenere. Treasure these tips, and should you need an experienced Portovenere wedding photographer who knows the area, do not hesitate to contact me!

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and start planning your Italian Affair!


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