Engagement Proposal Shoot in Florence (with family)

As a photographer, engagement proposal shoots have always been among the craziest experiences of my career. Each marriage proposal is unique but so stressful, though. Young men plan the moment for weeks, but at the crucial moment, they lose control and change plans, making my life difficult but also so much fun!

In this case, no panic! The groom-to-be, Joe, charged his cousin, Nahanni, with planning the engagement proposal shoot without the knowledge of the bride-to-be, Chelsy. Once we discussed the perfect place to kneel among the 1,000 attractions of Florence, all they had to do was find an excuse for Chelsy to wear her nicest dress. Nahanni then arranged a family shoot with all seven members. The first pictures of the whole family would be just a cover, to finally arrive at J&C and give him a chance to get down on one knee and make his proposal in legendary fashion.

And so it was! Joe took out a beautiful ring, made his promise to Chelsy, and put the ring on her finger. The family literally went crazy! The rest of the photo shoot had been a party, with the bride and groom-to-be strolling and posing for photographs in the streets of Florence and the family behind them with their eyes still sparkling.

On a personal note, despite the stress, witnessing wedding proposals is wonderful. But so often, the greatest joy cannot be shared with loved ones because of the distance! Not in this case. The family made this moment, although less private for the couple, certainly happier and untroubled. Everyone will remember this holiday in Florence, enriched with a stunning ring and a celebration in the future where all of them can say, “I was there!”


newly engaged girl showing her ring to the camera with her happy family all around her



I wanted to just take a moment to say thank you. Everything ran smoothly and the photos were beautiful.

It was a very special moment to capture and we appreciate having your services.

Nahanni F.