The Top Designers of Wedding Shoes

Cinderella Emergency! During the past twelve years of wedding photography, I met many brides and their pretty wedding shoes all over Italy for their most glamorous destination weddings! And even if I hadn’t been a bride – actually I had been a groom a few years ago! – I’ve worked with American, British, Japanese, clients and brides from many other countries worldwide. And I know how much girls want to be perfect on their wedding day when all eyes of their friends and families will be on them.
It’s all about that essential element that is still missing in your outfit, the shoes. You might be looking for a clutch purse in the color palette, some earrings, something blue, or maybe something borrowed but, above all, the best bridal SHOES ever!
As our best friend, Carrie Bradshaw, once said, “You can never have too many pairs of shoes.”. Truer words have never been spoken. Shoes are in women’s DNA. They are a statement and can make you feel who you want to be, especially when walking down the aisle for the first time arm in arm with your dad.
Whether you choose high heels, sneakers, or flats, there are some basic unwritten rules that every bride should keep into consideration.
pedro garcia shoes


Shoes are one of the few accessories you can wear again and again, so don't be cheap. Luxury brands use high-quality materials, and the ergonomics of their products are designed to make women's feet feminine and elegant.

emmy london bridal shoes



Matching the same shade of white with the dress isn't easy at all. Ivory, ice, pearl, cream, natural white, there are too many of them to handle, and wearing different hues together might be a terrible mistake. When in doubt, better to opt for fabulous jewel sandals or any other color matching your wedding palette!

Louboutin flat shoes



High-quality brands mean more comfort, thanks to outstanding ergonomic and craftsmanship.
Find the best compromise based on your personality. I always choose high heels for celebrations and events. Heels make my silhouette slimmer and enhance my femininity. I feel like a diva, even in the dirtiest basement. If you're afraid not to stand on the heels all day long, you're in pretty good company. Better to have flats also, somewhere in the surroundings. It will save you from swinging when on the third glass of champagne - and make your groom taller and moooore handsome.

At this point, you might be wondering what the best designers of wedding shoes. Please enjoy the list below! Some of them are not very well-known, but please be aware that I'm not listing the cheapest brands. So if you're emptying your pockets to be a fashion Cinderella, blaming me won't make you feel better!

italian brands



Based in Florence, Italy, Aquazzurra is becoming the most elegant, fashionable, and luxurious choice for the most demanding brides. Aquazzurra produces fantastic shoes, entirely made in Italy. Handcrafted pieces that are equivalent to real works of art. The collections are extensive, and you will find many fabulous designs to match your wedding dress.

Gianvito Rossi

The selection of Gianvito Rossi's bridal models has a timeless charm. Elegant, feminine, and airy. Crystelle sandal, in leather and PVC, and the Rania pumps in a thousand shades, with a cascade of sparkling crystals on the tulle. A daydream.

All Italian craftsmanship marries beauty and style. Who wouldn't want to wear the rocky Rockstud or the romantic Bow Lace Pumps? The choice of Valentino is the best for both fashion-addicted and traditional brides. Elegance always wins.

rene caovilla shoes
scarpe sergio rossi

Mascia Mandolesi

nice bridal shoes by mascia mandolesi italian designer

Rene Caovilla

Sergio Rossi

From chandelier jewel sandals to Venetian-style slingbacks, the Bridal Renè Caovilla collection focuses on sophisticated and modern designs. Unique models, precious embroideries, and handmade floral motifs applied with extreme care by expert craftswomen. The best match for the most romantic brides.

This brand pays great attention to the materials, comfort, and ergonomics of the shoe. Mascia Mandolesi produces all the collections in Italy and chooses the best craftsmen to create precious and elegant works of art, uncomplicated but always contemporary. Mascia brides are naturally chic, modern, and attentive to tradition.

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands among Italian brides. Its creations are luxurious and sophisticated, expensive, and elegant. Not everyone knows that Sergio Rossi offers a complete collection for brides in addition to the models for men and women.



Louboutin shoes

Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo bridal shoes

Bella Belle


Well known for their exquisite details with jewels, embroidery, and hand made lace, Bella Belle's shoes have lines worthy of a princess. Designed with great attention to comfort, they are produced with the best materials, such as breathable mesh and pure silk. They have super padded soles for your all-day-long comfort!

Christian Louboutin

Anniel shoes are absolutely the most comfortable shoes on the market. With a slightly retro feeling, they perfectly combine the glittering glitter with the taste of yesteryear. The cost is affordable, and there are sooo many beautiful models! Also delicious are the mules and ballet flats.

This brand is an icon for many fashionable brides around the world. Jimmy Choo offers the most complete and extensive bridal collections to meet all the women's needs. Lace, jewelry, glittering linings, and more. Don't forget the hahstag #idoinchoo

The famous red sole has become a must for brides (and grooms!) more demanding in terms of style. Many Louboutin models are suitable for all bridal gowns. Ballet flats deserve a special mention.

Emmy London

emmy london bridal shoes

Manolo Blahnik

scarpe Badgley Mischka
scarpe manolo blahnik

A style full of personality for the most glamorous brides. Emmy London shoes are handmade, using only suede and leather of the highest quality. They have crystals and bows, real jewelry to match beautifully clutch purses and headpieces. Everything you need for a flawless style.

Badgley Mischka

Sophia Webster

Manolo Blahnik's designs are works of art that meet all styles and moods. Whether they're for walking down the aisle in an iconic blue (Sex and the City) or dancing all night long in sparkling ivory satin pumps. Elegant and distinct, Manolo Blahnik is evergreen.

Unique in style and design, Badgley Mischa shoes are the top for those looking for the best color match. From the nude look to the most intense red and green shades, they are perfect for the most demanding brides.

Sophia Webster is pure beauty! Butterflies, writings, futuristic heels, and unique designs! Whether you're walking down the aisle in a classic Chiara or waiting at the altar in the flat "Wifey for Lifey" sandals, this is the perfect brand for super cool brides.

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