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Elegant British Wedding in Maremma
Elegant British Wedding in Maremma
Elegant British Wedding in Maremma


Elegant British Wedding in Maremma Tuscany

The essence of this British wedding is all in the destination: the Maremma. The wedding in Maremma in fact takes advantage of all the benefits of a Tuscan wedding, adding the glam touch of an unforgettable venue, Conti di San Bonifacio. Because of this and many other excellent qualities, this celebration in Maremma will last in the hearts of guests and newlyweds for a long time to come!

Little known abroad, Maremma is one of the most charming areas to visit in Tuscany. Surrounded by hills and by the ocean on one side, Maremma is all about pristine expanses and fabulous estates. Here, near Gavorrano, on the hilltop rises Conti di San Bonifacio. This tiny luxury hotel has a few but tastefully furnished rooms. In addition to these, the property provides an amazing swimming pool with a view and a garden terrace, perfect for symbolic and civil ceremonies and meals at dusk. After visiting this piece of heaven, the couple of the day couldn’t help but get married in Maremma Tuscany. But let’s take a step back!

This English bride and groom-to-be drove from England with their families, crossing several European countries to meet friends in Maremma and celebrate with them. That’s not really the fastest way to get there! However, is there anything more meaningful and romantic than a journey? After all, isn’t the marriage itself a journey? On the wedding day, the bride and groom got ready along with their closest family members. He watched her walking down the aisle arm in arm with her dad, before exchanging vows and rings. Afterwards, a fabulous Aperitivo was expecting everyone by the pool. And while the guests enjoyed the warm September sun – and tasty canapes and drinks – I could produce superb and luminous portraits of the newlyweds in the most beautiful spots of Conti di San Bonifacio. It was not difficult at all; both were still beaming and radiant for the wedding, as well as being good-looking – a great plus for taking breathtaking images! Please see some photos of this fabulous wedding in Maremma Tuscany below!

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