Beach Wedding Inspo

Shooting a beach wedding is always a pleasing and stimulating experience. Every time, I come home with lovely portraits that enrich my portfolio. Among the many gorgeous venues for celebrations on the beach of Forte Dei Marmi, the Beach Club worth a special mention. It’s a modern seaside club that overlooks the golden sands of Italy. Among its main features, besides the swimming pool and a fabulous restaurant, here you have the chance to arrange any events, private parties and weddings. The Beach Club is very adaptable, and you can shape all the areas as you wish. Overall, the outsides in travertine and the clean look of the construction make it very classy, perfect for any photo shoot!

I had fun shooting Petra here. Her beauty has certainly made things more relaxed, and it’s been exciting portraying her as she strolled on the catwalk, watching her posing near the pool with sea views. The light, especially just before sunset, is warm and soft. Its reflection on the white sand of Forte Dei Marmi has enhanced the colour of Petra’s skin, giving it softness and shine. After sunset, she looked even more gorgeous. Thanks to her sensuality and her elegant, I caught breathtaking images, while the last flashes of light lit up the Apuan Alps on the other side.

The staff of the Beach Club has made the decor with the special assistance of Nardini Forniture. The stylist, Cinzia Bertilorenzi transformed a simple table in a luxurious setting for a romantic marine-style dinner on the pier. The pastel colours, the candles, every detail, were accurate and refined. Cinzia’s excellent taste and the natural scenery did the rest and made the atmosphere of the ocean simply magical. A big thank you for this photo shoot goes to the talented Elena Polvani for the makeup and hair styling, that highlighted the natural beauty of Petra, and to Cinzia for all the help in the planning. I hope to meet you again soon, maybe for another fabulous photo shoot on the beach.

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