Vincigliata Castle in Florence

The Best Wedding Castles of Tuscany

Not only princes and princesses: nowadays always more lovers wish to say the fateful Yes between the walls of an ancient castle. Italy and Tuscany are rich in old wedding venues: majestic buildings, thick walls and crenellated towers are just some of the features that steal lovers’ hearts. Please see below the best Wedding Castles of Tuscany for destination weddings.

Castello di Vincigliata

The Castello di Vincigliata is the king of the castles of Tuscany. It is a recent building located in Fiesole, just a few minutes from the centre of Florence. The venue, which can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, might meet all spouses’ needs and provides a backup plan in case of bad weather.

castello di vincigliata from the drone

The most interesting areas are:

  • The garden with a view, where your guest can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Florence and the façade of the castle. It can be used for the ceremony, canapes and dancing later;
  • The cloister. It’s located at the bottom of the terrace. It is a four-sided portico enclosed on all sides by ancient walls. At the centre of each side are placed large windows with views surrounded by climbing roses. The cloister is the ideal place for touching ceremonies. The arcades are also an excellent spot for wonderful couple portraits – or funny photos of the wedding party!
  • The courtyard. You get there from a massive wooden gate. Entirely in sandstone, it’s often used for the reception and the cake show. Passing through a large staircase, you can get to the rooftop, from where you can see the garden and the tower.
  • The conservatory. It’s easily accessible from the courtyard, and indeed it’s often used for dancing and night shows.

The castle is the most popular venue – and one of the most expensive –  of Tuscany and might host big weddings with more than 200 guests. You can celebrate there symbolic ceremonies. The closest Catholic church is San Martino a Maiano, 10 minutes drive from the castle.

ceremony at castello di Vincigliata

The owners don’t provide any accommodation. The closest hotel is Villa Fiesole, which can assist couples and guests. The castle doesn’t offer a caterer either.

As for the wedding pictures, there are lovely spots for couple and family photos. The window at the rooftop, the main gate and the cloister are just a few places where you might be portrayed in all of your beauty.

Castello del Trebbio

Castello del Trebbio is located in Pontassieve, 30 minutes drive from the centre of Florence. The castle overlooks the hills of Chianti, full of vineyards and cypress trees. Although the venue is relatively small, it can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. It’s perfect for intimate, rustic weddings and elopements.

castello del trebbio

The main areas are:

  • The courtyard. Symbolic ceremonies might be arranged here. The massive wooden gate is a perfect frame for bridal entrance.
  • The garden. Just in front of the facade, there is a lovely garden with many flowers and a fig tree. Your guests might take some time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. It’s the best for family and group photos.
  • The terrace. The restaurant at the bottom, La Sosta del Gusto, usually houses wedding receptions. The food is tasty, and overall the view at sunset from the terrace is fantastic.

The castle host many destination weddings in Tuscany and indeed provides a planner that helps couples from abroad. Spouses and guests can book weekly the villas in the surroundings and enjoy some time by the pool. The property also organises wine tasting in the cellars and excursions in Florence and Tuscany.

Regarding the wedding photographs, the green areas around the castle are perfect for portraits. Tree-lined streets, walls with climbing plants, vineyards, and the views are the best this place has to offer.

Castello di Spaltenna

Castello di Spaltenna is a beautiful hotel located in Gaiole in Chianti, in the centre of Tuscany, in a fabulous spot with a view. It provides several rooms for the overnight stay of newlyweds and guests.

the view from the pool the tower of Castello di Spaltenna

There are plenty of places to celebrate the marriage: in addition to the garden with a view, the property also offers a lovely tiny church if you wish a religious ceremony. All around the castle, just the silence of the countryside and lots of spots for breathtaking wedding photographs.

While the guests are enjoying the cocktail hour by the terrace of the restaurant, the newlyweds and the photographer shall be very busy, among ancient walls, vineyards, and spots with views of the castle and its tower.

the courtyard
The castle is also the ideal place to begin a superb honeymoon. You can spend your days hiking, tastings wines in the cellars and diving by the pool! In addition to this, the property also provides a spa to heal yourself from the labours of marriage!

Castello Canevaro

The Castello Canevaro is located in Zoagli, just a few steps from Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, perched on a rock above the ocean. It is a beautiful little-known venue for destination weddings in Liguria. The property provides some outstanding terraces for organizing ceremony and reception.

bridal portrait on the rooftop of Castello Canevaro

The most impressive areas are:

  • The garden. Fantastic ceremonies with a view take place in the garden. In addition to a pretty arbour with climbing roses for the rite, the garden is fresh and airy even on hot summer days.

garden ceremony at Castello Canevaro

  • The patio overlooking the sea. Right next to the ceremony garden, your guests might watch the sunset over the ocean while tasting fabulous cocktails. You can arrange here many stations for the aperitif and music to entertain friends and families before dinner. It’s also a perfect spot to capture formal photos with families.
  • The terrace overlooking the Zoagli beach. On the opposite side of the castle, there’s another lovely terrace. Here wedding dinners might take place overlooking the lights and the beach of Zoagli. Tables for newlyweds and guests are placed under a marquee in case of bad weather.
  • The rooftop of the tower. Right on the roof of the castle, there’s a small fabulous terrace, perfect for bridal portraits before she walks down the aisle.

sunset at Castello Canevarothe view of Zoagli beach from Castello Canevaro

Castello di Gargonza

The Castello di Gargonza is a small hamlet of the 13th century lost in the Tuscan countryside near Monte San Savino. You get to the castle along a dirt road; once parked the car outside, you can get to the different areas of the castle walking.

the garden of the limonaia at the castello di gargonza

Organizing a wedding at the Castello di Gargonza is like going back in time. The ancient walls, the stony streets, the silence and the lush terraces make any religious and symbolic ceremony unique. The owners provide numerous rooms and apartments for the stay of newlyweds and guests, as well as assistance on the wedding planning and vendor searching. Overall, there are many fabulous spots for wedding photos here. In addition to the romantic ancient walls and gates, photographers can also take advantage of the many gardens with a view, genuinely fabulous.

one of the best gardens for wedding photos at castello di gargonza

The most attractive areas are:

  • The church. There is a small but charming church within the property, where you might organise real religious ceremonies. The bride can get to the church walking on her heels, along with her bridesmaids and parents.
  • The garden of the Limonaia. A few steps from the church, there’s the garden of the conservatory. Here the spouses can organise many stations with canapes based on local food and excellent wines. Guests can enjoy the cocktail hour on the lawn with a view of the tower, or comfortably seated at one of the many tables.
  • The pool. The pool is one of the castle’s flagships. It is located in a picturesque position and can hosts legendary aperitifs.
  • The restaurant. It’s located at the bottom of the castle. Wedding dinners can be arranged indoor or al fresco in the pretty courtyard. Many light bulbs are suspended in the air, giving a romantic touch to the wedding dinner and the first dance. The best for romantic night photos.

the courtyard of the restaurant torre di gargonza by the castle

Hotel Dei Castelli

The Hotel Dei Castelli is a luxury hotel located in Sestri Levante, 30 minutes drive from Portofino and Cinque Terre, perched at the top of a peninsula surrounded by the ocean. The venue has all the requirements to house great intimate and small weddings in the Italia Riviera.

The most exciting areas are:

  • The Garden. Located right next to the main entrance, it’s formed by a T-shaped porch with climbing flowers. It is the perfect place for ceremonies and small receptions with a terrific view.
  • The restaurant. Built with dark stones,  from here you enjoy the best view of the village and the beach. The food is excellent.
  • The hotel. Rooms are beautiful, large and comfortable. All around the venue, there’s a park with secular trees and plants. An elevator connects the hotel with the village and the beach at the bottom. The last passage is carved into the rough rock!

You can celebrate here symbolic ceremonies. The town hall of Sestri Levante is at your disposal for civil and also beach weddings if you wish. As for religious rites, all the churches in the surroundings are lovely. Albeit a bit far, the best one is San Giacomo in Santa Margherita Ligure, on the way to Portofino.

Castello di Oliveto

The Castello di Oliveto is a medieval castle located in Castelfiorentino, one hour drive from Florence. The venue is lost in the countryside, and you must follow a long dirt road to see the imposing walls.

The property is enormous and has several areas for ceremonies and reception:

  • the garden. Just beyond the majestic door, you get into a large Italian garden in front of the facade. Protected by secular trees, it can host both the ceremony and the reception.
  • The courtyard. It might host more than 200 people. Here you can enjoy the best view of the tower at night.
  • The porch. Used mainly for canapes and after-dinner events, it can also host the dinner itself in case of bad weather;

The castle doesn’t provide any caterer nor wedding planners.

castello di oliveto wedding photos

There are no accommodations for a night stay in the surroundings, but the venue is located very close to famous villages. Certaldo and San Gimignano are full of Airbnbs and farmhouses that would be more than happy to accommodate your guests.

As for the photo shoot, in addition to some portraits on the rooftop, the neighbouring green areas are the best.

the courtyard of castello di oliveto at night

Being able to host big weddings, Castello di Oliveto is often booked by Italian couples. Therefore you must book in advance for weekend weddings.

Any recommendation?

There are plenty of lovely castle in Italy. What do you think about them? Any recommendation? Feel free to drop a note!

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