An engagement session in Tuscany is the best opportunity to get acquainted with your destination wedding photographer and his big lenses. Not everyone has been fashion models, and the first impact with the camera may not be very relaxed. How should I pose? Where should I look? These are just the most common questions we've been asked about.

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Don't worry. If your photographer is a professional, he will immediately put you at ease, and the photos will be wonderful. But for everything to be perfect, you also have a task, actually the funniest: the outfit's choice!

Before you open the closets or go shopping, talk to your photographer.

Tell him what you love and which backgrounds you'd like for your engagement photos. No idea?

Tuscan Countryside

No panic; any excellent Tuscan photographer has an endless list of great spots for engagement pictures, from Chianti to Florence, passing through the rolling hills and the breathtaking landscapes of Val d'Orcia.

Val d'Orcia

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First of all, determine where you would like to shoot and then look for the best outfit. If you plan things well in advance, you all will get to the session more prepared and relaxed.

Furthermore, Tuscany offers hundreds of beautiful settings for you to choose from.

The wild countryside and the vineyards are a must for luminous and light-filled photos at sunset. Similarly, cypress trees, rolling hills, and narrow dirt roads are always extraordinary settings.

On the other hand, the center of Florence is the best for romantic couples who love to dress in style. Here elegance is always appreciated, and a pair of Louboutin always welcome.


And what to say about the Italian Riviera? Golden beaches and fluttering dresses for real summer dreams. Especially in the beach clubs of Forte dei Marmi, where chic and informal are the keywords.

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Wear clothes in which you feel... You

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Prefer pastel hues, light colors, and neutral tones

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Any prop? Yes, please!

To complete your look, all you need is the perfect prop. Get creative!

A pretty scarf for the first days of autumn, a straw hat to protect the head from the hot Tuscan sun in summer. Sunglasses for the beach are a chic touch! For girls, necklaces and earrings enrich any dress. Accessories are a real trick! All these props can be worn and removed easily to vary your look. You can use them in a multitude of ways. For instance, having something to play with will make you much more relaxed and your engagement shots much more natural, without even realizing it.

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Opt for a classic comfy rather than trendy look

Choosing a timeless look means contemporary photos in many years to come.

Remember that classic never goes out of fashion, so good taste and elegance are more than ever the keywords. For instance, a sporty crop top could be the best for a fashion addicted today, but you'll likely see it different in ten years. Think about the 80s. They've been amazing, but... would you ever backcomb your hair nowadays? So play it safe and dress your best: elegant and always at ease.

Your photos will be wonderful and contemporary even on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. BTW, that would be a great occasion to come back to Tuscany and celebrate it with the whole family!

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Always keep the weather in mind

The winter here is very different than summer or spring, as the temperatures differ a lot. The climate is mild, but don't be fooled. Driving from the snow of the Alps to the beaches of Forte dei Marmi takes less than 2 hours! Better to choose an outfit in tune with the location and mood but, most of all, with the season.

Summer is hot, but it is worth the pain to get the best shots. Consequently, please prefer flowing and light clothes that give a sense of movement and cool you down when the wind blows.

If you'd choose the beach rather than the typical hills, imagine yourself in a total white while walking barefoot on the shoreline. Is there anything more perfect than this for your engagement pictures? Similarly, you can wear something more romantic and have your photos taken while eating ice cream in a gorgeous marina. Either way, wear fresh fabrics that don't make you sweat, or you'll spend your time worrying about halos.

Likewise, if you shoot in the countryside, pay attention to the color palette. The wheat fields vary from bright green to deep red, depending on the season. Just like them, all the countryside constantly changes its beautiful colors. Find out which one prevails at the time of your engagement session, and choosing the outfit will be easier than a slice of cake.

Autumn and winter are cooler, which means wool and coats. In these seasons, the pretty art towns like Florence or Lucca as the best. As a result, you'll have pictures taken while walking through the streets or enjoying a hot chocolate at a cafe. Terrific!

Take advantage of the cold to hug each other's tight and look into your eyes; these images will be adorable! Wrap yourself in warm cashmere scarves and wear classy hats. Opt for shades that match the warm tones of autumn or the cold tones of winter.

Important: protect yourself well. If there is snow, play with it and maybe kiss each other under the falling flakes.

Is there anything more romantic than this?

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In the end, choosing What to Wear for Tuscany Engagement Session could be complicated, but thanks to these top tips, it will be easier than ordering a coffee. Just follow a few basic rules, and you can focus on your smile rather than cursing the day you choose to wear heels in the countryside.

If you have any tips for us,

we are all ears and happy

to add them to our list!

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