Summer Wedding Proposal Cinque Terre

man showing the rings to her girlfriend during a wedding proposal photo shoot with the backdrop of Manarola behind


Hello to all lovers of the beauty of the Cinque Terre! Today, I want to share with you one of the most exciting moments I had the privilege of capturing during my work as a photographer in this beautiful region. It was a scorching morning at the end of May, with the sun’s rays filtering through the narrow streets of Manarola, painting the characteristic colorful houses in warm orange hues. In this enchanting setting, I had the honor of witnessing an unforgettable wedding proposal Cinque Terre.

The protagonists of this sweet story were a couple of young Americans traveling through Italy, surrounded by the love of friends who were accomplices of the future groom in organizing every detail of the proposal. Before the big moment, we had coordinated carefully to ensure that everything was perfect.

The magical moment arrived when he pulled out the ring at a breathtaking panoramic spot with a spectacular view of the picturesque houses of Manarola. The emotion in the air was palpable, and I had the privilege of capturing every moment of this magical time. After the proposal, I led them on a photographic journey through the picturesque streets of Manarola for a brief but intense engagement session. Their expressions were radiant, and the photos became the perfect mirror of their tangible happiness.

Looking at these images, I can’t wait to meet this special couple again for their wedding. Who knows, maybe it will be right here in Italy! And so, amid the colorful alleys and the summer warmth of the Cinque Terre, I had the honor of capturing a moment that will forever remain in their hearts and in my most precious memories. See you soon with new stories to tell through my lens!


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