Spring Honeymoon Session in Florence

Among the many lovely destinations to organize a honeymoon in Italy, Florence is one of the most special. Along with Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast, Florence is one of the favorite choices of honeymooners worldwide thanks to its artistic treasures, great food, relaxed lifestyle, and the numerous luxury hotels where one can spend a few days in total relaxation.

And we couldn’t be happier to shoot many married people and immortalize this sweet time overseas for them. I still remember the most exquisite moments of my honeymoon very well, and after years, I still keep them among the most precious memories. That’s why, when hired for any honeymoon photoshoot, I put all of myself to return exceptional photography to my dear honeymooners. I take care of their memories as if they were my own.

That’s what I did with them, who spent a few fantastic days in the cradle of the Renaissance. I guided them through the town’s most legendary spots of the Tuscan town, capturing spontaneous and happy pictures in the gorgeous light of a spring day. Unfortunately, the sun was shaded at the end of the day by clouds, but the vibrant mood and their joie de vivre allowed me to give back memorable photographs nonetheless.

A honeymoon photo shoot in Florence is unquestionably an outstanding opportunity that every newlywed couple traveling in Italy shouldn’t miss. If experienced with a smile, as in the case of these lovely honeymooners, we can’t help but be pleased with the photos and proudly display them in our portfolio.