Engagement Photo Shoot in Pienza (with outfit change)

Pienza is the quintessence of Tuscany. There is no more iconic place to describe an area, a country, and a lifestyle: the Val d’Orcia. It is home to the most majestic landscapes and hills that have seen painters like Leonardo da Vinci and film directors like Ridley Scott take inspiration for their major works – the views behind the Monalisa and in the movie “The Gladiator” are those of the Val d’Orcia. Great photographers cannot miss the roll call, either! So, between weddings and fashion advertising campaigns, we couldn’t be happier to share the story behind this engagement photo shoot in Tuscany.

This American couple contacted us a few weeks earlier to arrange their engagement photography and return home with beautiful portraits in Tuscany. I met them at their hotel near Montepulciano and arranged the first part of the photo shoot among the cypress trees and legendary backdrops of Monticchiello. The early spring gave us a chance to have a colorful landscape as the backdrop for relaxed couple strolls. It has been a glorious evening, with clouds and sunshine alternating in the sky and warm light that I have rarely been lucky enough to see.

Before we headed deeper into Pienza for the second part of the photo shoot, the bride and groom-to-be changed their clothes, wearing a more casual outfit with a fabulous Tuscan-style hat that enhanced the rest of the portraits. Overall, Pienza is an architectural gem. It stands on a hill with a 360-degree runway of the entire Val d’Orcia and the Tuscan countryside, as far as the snow-capped mountains of Monte Amiata. Its balconies full of flowers, the white travertine cathedral, and stunning sights make it the perfect destination for any engagement shoot. Here, more relaxed and spontaneous, I portrayed them as they danced, strolled, and laughed, excited about the lovely experience they were living. They could have gone on for hours more!

We, as their photographers, cannot be more satisfied and happy with the result. Beyond the Save the Date, we’re sure these photos will bring back their memories of the lovely time spent between Tuscany and Val d’Orcia for their engagement pictures!


engagement photos in tuscany


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