Cinque Terre Photography: 5 Tips for the best photos

the view of Manarola from nessun dorma

The villages of the Cinque Terre rank among the most coveted destinations for photographers worldwide. Positioned along the Ligurian coast, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, perched on dark cliffs bordered by the azure sea on one side and verdant mountains on the other. This picturesque setting makes Cinque Terre an ideal haven for elopement and wedding photographers as well as for travel photographers.

Connected by hillside paths adorned with olive trees and basil plants, the villages captivate tourists with enchanting vistas from elevated perspectives. The vibrant houses against the turquoise sea provide a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable photographs. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring, with Instagram flooded by images of enthusiasts patiently awaiting sunset to immortalize each village. Whether armed with a smartphone or professional camera, those aspiring to bring home stunning images from this paradise should heed the following tips.


Travel Light

Enthusiastic photographers often carry heavy equipment, but in Cinque Terre, logistics can be challenging. The best photo spots are along hilly paths, and strenuous climbs could be discouraging with a hefty backpack. Opt for a backpack over shoulder bags, especially considering the rocky terrain. Traveling light ensures not only great photographs but also an enjoyable holiday without straining your back.


Bring Only a Standard Zoom

Streamline your gear by opting for a standard zoom lens, reducing the weight of your backpack significantly. Whether using a digital reflex or compact camera, Cinque Terre’s landscapes don’t demand extreme lenses. The carefully designed photo spots eliminate the need for a variety of focal lengths. If you must bring extra gear, consider leaving the non-essentials in the hotel for a lighter excursion.


Use the Tripod

Optimal photo moments occur during sunrise and sunset, when natural and artificial light balance perfectly. However, these situations can challenge your camera, leading to blurred or grainy images. Using a tripod extends shutter speed, resulting in sharp and brilliant photos. Lightweight and affordable tripods are available, but if forgotten, don’t worry – you won’t be the only photographer in Cinque Terre, and someone may be willing to lend theirs.


Early Wake Up is Mandatory

Welcome the serene moments of dawn by setting your alarm ahead of sunrise. The initial rays of daylight delicately cast soft hues over the villages, creating a magical atmosphere tailor-made for photography. Opting for the early morning hours not only allows you to sidestep the crowds but also enriches the quality and distinctiveness of your Cinque Terre photographs. While sunset showcases beautiful light, it often draws numerous people, including fellow photographers. Hence, embracing an early wake-up call ensures a more tranquil and exclusive experience.


One Village a day

If fortunate enough to spend several days in Cinque Terre, focus on capturing the best shots. Allocate each day to photographing a different village, taking advantage of the stunning sunrise and sunset moments. For the time between dawn and dusk, read on for additional tips.


Avoid Touristic Season

Cinque Terre’s charm can be overshadowed by crowds during the peak touristic season – June to September. To escape the hustle and bustle, plan your visit during the off-peak months. This ensures a more intimate connection with the landscapes and less interference in framing your perfect shot.


Attention to the Heat in Summer Days

Summer in Cinque Terre can be scorching, with temperatures soaring. When venturing out during the day, pay attention to the heat. Schedule outdoor shoots during the cooler morning or evening hours. The intense midday sun can cast harsh shadows, affecting the overall appeal of your photographs.


Not Only Landscapes

Cinque Terre encapsulates a bygone era, seemingly frozen in time. Stone-paved streets, clothes drying above bustling tourist-filled lanes, and elderly ladies spending afternoons outside their homes create a vintage Italian ambiance. Seize opportunities for street photography, capturing the essence of 1960s Italy, as well as details like plants, windows, corners, and colorful walls for your Instagram or blog. In addition to taking a dip in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, immerse yourself in village life. This approach will yield a well-balanced photoshoot, featuring landscapes and details that others might overlook.


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