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Castello del Trebbio Wedding

 And they lived happily ever after! This is the right end of every well-respected love story: the prince and the princess celebrate their wedding in a beautiful castle and are ready to start a brand new life together.

This kind of things, anyway, don’t happen only in the world of fairytales: castles do really exist, and many of them have decided to open their antique doors to the couples who desire to fulfil a dream.

Not only princes and princesses: there are always more couples who choose to get married among the walls of an ancient castle. Tuscany and Florence are full of medieval hamlets where great venues are host majestic buildings, thick walls and crenellated towers, are just a few of the characteristics that make the future newlyweds fall in love. Many of them can host real  civil weddings: you only need to search a little bit to have the ceremony held in a suggestive background and make friends and relative speechless.

There’s also all the atmosphere of an almost magical scenery which will make the wedding the absolute protagonist of a real fairytale. If you are looking for an amazing venue to get married in Tuscany, you might consider a Castello del Trebbio Wedding!

Here you can:

  • celebrate an intimate wedding or elopement in the beautiful courtyard or in front of a breathtaking view;
  • host the reception outdoor on the terrace in front of the vineyards;
  • spend a few days relaxing in one of the villas of the property;
  • visit the nearby Florence and the Chianti villages.

Castello del Trebbio Wedding

Castello del Trebbio offers its best to those couples in love who are looking for a romantic and incomparable place to fulfil their dream of love. Is there anything more romantic than an old fashioned wedding in a beautiful castle set on the Chianti hills?

For a photographer of marriage, landscapes and decor have a fundamental importance, right after the attention to the couple. That’s why the first time we went to the Trebbio Castle, we were pleasantly surprised: the XII century building is perfectly maintained and stands in all its majesty on a background of hills and olive groves, one of the typical views of Tuscany.

Let’s talk about the Chianti area, with its smooth hills and beeches and holm oaks’ woods, where the ancient Castle of Trebbio stands majestic. This castle is a magnificent towered building dated back to the end of the XII century. Built by the noble family de’ Pazzi, the most relentless rivals of the Medici family in Florence, it became the base of the great Congiura (Conspiracy) and bastion of a centuries-old history. Towards the end of the Seventies, the estate became the property of the Baj-Macario family, which placed by its side an homonymous farm, later turned into a farm holidays venue and enriched with an high-quality wine-producing company.

The Castle immediately charms with its majesty: the solid walls and the wooden main doors remind the good old times, while in the little central cloister you can breathe a solemn atmosphere, of quiet rest.

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Every little detail contributes to impress and at the same time welcome the guest.

By the side of the main building, there is an well-known restaurant, La Sosta del Gusto, where a skilful chef prepares delicacies in a very genuine Tuscan cuisine style. Those visitors who love the quality and authentic tastes can enjoy the numerous specialities of the venue comfortably sitting on the terrace, from where they will be delighted by a suggestive view on the wonderful Chianti countryside. All of this, naturally, served with a glass of red wine, coming straight from the cellars of the Castle, pride and joy of the owners and flagship of the structure.

Celebrating a symbolic wedding in this place lost in time is extremely gratifying both for the couple and for us photographers, because – as it’s easy to imagine – you can take elegant, charming and fairy pictures as well. Inside the courtyard, in the open air, a little altar is faced by classic chairs for the guests: the ceremony is therefore celebrated in a collected and intimate way among the centuries-old walls of the building

The venue also has a little chapel where you can enjoy intimate ceremonies.

There’s not a couple, not even a single one, married in this castle in the Florentine hinterland, who’s not proud of their choice. And, judging from the photos and albums we gave them, it’s impossible to prove them wrong.

The staff’s professionalism is flawless: the wedding is set out under the guide of skilful and capable personnel, whose only aim is to give to the wedding couple and their guests a unique and memorable event.

The reception is arranged on the terrace of the opposite restaurant La Sosta del Gusto where the surrounding panorama becomes naturally part of scenery and decor. For those who wants to get married in colder seasons, the inner halls open their doors showing their stone walls and cellar in full view: a real show for all the senses.

Since a couple of years, the newlyweds of the Castle can spend the first wedding night in one of the private rooms of the venue, and not only: bride, groom and their guests can stay in the property for all the time they need. The venue’s property, in fact, has five comfortable villas, which have a breathtaking view of the castle itself, and also a private swimming pool.

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What else to say? Don’t waste your time: come to Tuscany and stop by the Castello del Trebbio, where, among a glass of good wine and a break in the terrace, nothing will be nicer and more unforgettable than planning a fairytale wedding. Be guided by an expert photographer to discover the best castle for a wedding in Tuscany.

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