Borgo Sant'Ambrogio Wedding
Borgo Sant'Ambrogio Wedding
Borgo Sant'Ambrogio Wedding


Laid-Back Borgo Sant’Ambrogio Wedding in Tuscany

When I asked my colleagues for an opinion, having never been there before, I was told that I would not easily forget a wedding at Borgo Sant’Ambrogio. And so indeed it was, both for me, the wedding photographer, and for the lucky guests, who enjoyed a lovely event in the heart of Tuscany.

The bride and groom wanted just that for their guests. Both of Milanese origin but living in New York, these lovebirds hosted guests coming from all over the world. They wanted a unique celebration in the spirit of the real pleasures of Italian life: spending a few hours relaxing in good company in a beautiful place, with lots of tasty food and wine. So, is there any better place than Tuscany for that? Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is located in Val d’Orcia, between Montepulciano and Pienza. Do you know the Mona Lisa? Well, for the scenery behind the figure, Leonardo Da Vinci was inspired by the landscape of the Val d’Orcia. A legendary place, with postcard panoramas and well-cared villages set between lines of cypresses trees and the blue sky. Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is located right here. If you’re looking for a place where to relax, away from the busy centre of Francesca, the talented wedding planner, had recommended this venue among tons of others.

The bride and groom prepared themselves together with their families, before enjoying the embrace of their guests in a touching symbolic ceremony. The reception took place in the garden, and while the guests enjoyed the aperitif, I captured some wedding photos of the newlyweds. The bride has been my muse for all the day, thanks to her beautiful Anna Campbell gown and the perfect makeup by Silvia Gerzeli. The evening went on for a long time, among laughter and jokes, but this Borgo Sant’Ambrogio Wedding will remain in my heart for a long time.

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