Best Tips for a Successful Wedding Proposal

Asking for the partner’s hand in marriage is something that sooner or later everyone has to deal with. Engagement means, first of all, a significant wedding proposal. This is a critical moment in life, second only to the wedding itself. There are sooo many unbelievable ways to kneel down and ask for her hand, from proposals in public to romantic trips with a ring in tow. Every time I meet brides and grooms-to-be, I always ask how the marriage proposal was, and the answers are always different. Whether you want to do it big or intimate, here are some useful tips to remember.

Surprise her!

Remember that girls daydream their marriage, also the less sentimental ones. If you want to spend your life with her, you have to make her happy every day. An original proposal means beginning your journey together on the right foot. Have a look at the most eccentric proposals here; she cannot help but say Yes.

cinque terre wedding proposal

Buy a nice ring

Women from all over the world love Tiffany and her blue boxes. Remember that a ring is forever, an investment that repays you every day. Invest your money and buy her something that will make her happy for the rest of her life. Remember that size matters here!

Keep it secret

Even the most irrelevant detail must be planned in secret earlier. You must be very discreet in order to surprise her. Discover the best places for a proposal in your area. Otherwise, book a trip and propose her in Cinque Terre Italy or wherever your heart leads you. Plan the speech, have clear in mind what you have to say before; the emotion might play tricks on you, so test it in advance.

wedding proposal italy

Ask for help

Spend some time studying your partner: what she likes, what places she wishes to visit most, in short, decide where and when. If nothing comes to your mind, ask for the help of her loved ones, they might have great recommendations!

Let it happen naturally

If you won’t find the words, just let it go. Your girlfriend will appreciate it anyway. Nobody is perfect, just give her an unforgettable moment. All the tips in the world won’t help you when it’s time. You only know what the best things to do are. I’m sure you’ll do it great, don’t forget to enjoy it fully.

wedding proposal italy

Your tip

And you? What advice would you give to men for the best marriage proposal?

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