family posing on a path lined with cypress trees at borgo Santo pietro in tuscany

Anniversary Family Portrait at Borgo Santo Pietro

The wedding symbolizes the start of a new family. At first, it’s just the newlyweds enjoying a long honeymoon, followed by modern married life. Then comes the children, who require a lot of dedication, but watching them grow up is a privilege. The love that led to the wedding still exists, albeit with different nuances and possibly even more profound. Having the chance to relive these meaningful moments years later through family photographs is invaluable.

Holidays are the best time for family portraits. All the family members are more relaxed and generally spend time off in a gorgeous and exotic setting. If holidays coincide with the parents’ wedding anniversary, memorable family photography is in store! These lovely family shots were captured at Borgo Santo Pietro, one of the most gorgeous resorts in Tuscany. The hotel is a luxurious retreat of calm and indulgence. From the moment you arrive, you know it will be legendary. From the lush manicured gardens to the unmatched but friendly service, everything is perfect, as in the most exquisite visions. Once you pass through the gates into the cypress-lined path, you’re in the most exquisite garden of Tuscany. I love this place and wouldn’t want any other location as a backdrop for my family pictures.

My clients spent a few days here, and I took the opportunity to capture their photos here on a late summer afternoon. The warm light of the sunset bounced off the stones and vegetation of the Borgo and gently enveloped the family members as they strolled relaxed around the property. I photographed them all together and in smaller groups, letting the kids go first to return to their activities and then dedicating myself to portray parents as they were celebrating their 20th anniversary. The magic of Borgo did the rest. I greeted them shortly after sunset, happy to have captured a lovely family in this paradise on earth. Here are some of their family pics.